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    Query on Encryption + Digital Packages

    Hello, I have been looking through the different channels available on the different satellites and have the following query; For example on Eutelsat W2 (16.0E), for TV 1000 channel, it says; Encryption = Conax & Cryptoworks & Viaccess 2.5 & Viaccess 2.6. Packages = ITV Partner & Max TV...
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    Spanish stations

    hi, i think you can get the Digital + channels, just with a FTA receiver and entering the Nag*a 2 codes from the net. I dont think any Card or CAMs are necessary. Does anybody know any different ? Cheers.
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    Recommend Decoder / Dish

    Hi all, I'm just getting interested in Satellite TV now (bit late I know) anyway, I have some basic questions maybe some of you could advise on please; I'm interested in getting D+ on Astra, also interested in getting FTA channels on Hispasat, Hotbird, Nilesat for now. For D+, can I get these...