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    Spanish scene SECA2 - Digital + Spain viewing problems

    simply the reason is that Digital + in Astra is changing system. the first quarter of this year digital + is changing to the advanced system of Nagra 2 used in the hispasat satellite... the question is that if they do that they need to send you a new card and a nagravision cam or receiver...
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    well mr rolfw for your information italians have been watching sky italia for few years with cloned cards. these new files to watch sky was simple a matter of selling titanium and knot cards as they say nothing is for free. in regards to digital + everyone had the nagravision system so the seca...
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    well, life is full of negative people. let me tell you I have seen a file that is explaining how nds videoguard WORKS INDICE: L’ATR delle nuove card .............................................................2 STRUTTURA DELLE ISTRUZIONI NDS...
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    well the truth is that until now it was not necessary to hack into sky's videoguard as most of the channels on it's package were the same in other european packages specially in italy. Now the italians are on the dark and belive me the soon there will be light. as a Nds is beeing tested and...
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    module invalid problem

    which receiver do you have ? if humax it will not initiate..
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    card programers,or card cloners??

    stevo you can not clone smartcards, you can mosc them which requires a good level of knowledge in using comands and various softwares
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    Fun Card Programming nightmare

    you need a magic cam loader to update you software in the cam hope it helps
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    csat & phoenix smartcard

    french channels are the easiest they don't relly care about hackers so try this site: hope it helps
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    Where can i get Free-X TV Key??

    you need zeta cam free x tv v79 and select nz from menu and it works try: hope it helps someone thanks
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    no right to watch this program

    check out this site: they have the files for s** I***ia
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    Joker Help

    upgrade to ver .79 :) :) :):D
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    Zeta Cam and Technomate

    try this site: or or hope it helps :) :) :) :)
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    no right to watch this program

    you need to have aston cam 1.04 for sky italia to work