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    TPs , MULTivision and tv cabo back on Mrv214

    Thanks, it works great ... TPS IS BACK ! Just still one problem with multivision : i can only watch multivision 8. For the others, i get "no signal" ... I have a neotion box 3000. Any ideas ? rgds -- Guillaume
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    Convert softcam (.key) file into M revolution UPD file

    Thx for ur answer. I am a noob ... I don't know where are the best sites to find keys and update ... Could you send me some url in private (or email ? My decoder has no card reader, only 2 pcmcia slots (where i have my MReloaded). How can i use fun 6in1 file ? If i put a fun...
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    Convert softcam (.key) file into M revolution UPD file

    Hello all, I have just bought a MReloaded cam for my neotion 3000 ... She seems to work perfectly ... I have set the MR1.10 on it. But only 15 % of the channels are decrypted ... Is it because the key have already expired ? I have found a lots of files like FUN6in1, softcard .key ... Is there...
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    Matrix Reloaded How To by AHAC

    Thx for your howto !!! But you only explain a way to change keys via the remote contoler ... Is there a way to update all keys with MR key file using a fun card ? Because enrering all keys with the remote is quite a hard works ... Thx for ur answer guillaume