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    Magic cam AV blocking problem

    Yes i tried with two slots.
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    Magic cam AV blocking problem

    Hai every body! While watching Zee network - services like zee news, alpha punjabi, alpha gujarathi, zee cinema... (asiasat 3s Freq:4140Mhz, symbol rate:27500, vetical - originally it is mediaguard scrambled services) with magic cam version 1.04 with pentacrypt latest version, the scrambling...
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    Channel sun service (viaccess2) problem...

    Hai everybody! I have a problem with "channel sun" service of TPS. While watching the channel, after some time the video is freezing. If i do ch+/-, I can see the audio and video once again for the same service. I am using humax FTA+CI receiver. My friend told that he have the same problem...