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    Found the instructions to install dump 978 and feed it in to dump 1090, and how to tell what version of dump 1090/978 what dongle you want it to use. Read the full instructions from here Adding a 978 Mhz Receiver – ADS-B Exchange I was just wondering if anyone has got this to work? Might have...
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    Raspberry Pi Feed adsbexchange

    Full instructions at How to feed – ADS-B Exchange Raspberry Pi Instructions: sudo apt-get -y update sudo apt-get -y install git git clone GitHub - jprochazka/adsb-exchange: ADS-B Exchange Linux Setup Scripts cd adsb-exchange chmod +x sudo ./ cd .. I am pleased to say I am...
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    ModeSDecod2 & ModeSMixer - Raspberry Pi 3 - img - just add dongle

    Updated Raspberry Pi 3 img hubiC - OVH Includes:- Dvb-t/t2 Drivers pre installed. ModeSDecod2 pre installed. ModeSMixer2 pre installed. All auto running at boot, just plug in your dongle. Log in to you pi, via your browser Http://address-of-pi:port ModeSDecod2 Web: 8082 ModeSMixer2 Web...
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    ModeSDeco2 RPI setup

    I want to use my raspberry pi as an ascars decoder. Can anyone help me please with a step by step guide I really want to run the ascarsdeco2 prog, and I have that running in windows, but I am looking to expand my system and coverage. Any help please. Thanks.