1. A

    Feedhorn for 120cm FIBO Gregorian Dish (Grundig 1993 model)

    Hi all, Sorry for the semi-obscure request, but my LNB recently broke on my Grundig FIBO Gregorian-type dish. I've managed to find a good replacement C120 LNB, but the Feedhorn looks like it has seen better days. Does anyone know if these are still available anywhere, or if there is a suitable...
  2. Phoenixx

    Masterfocus Optimalisation Watch out Signal boost ;)

    Hi everybody The fibo 120 standing here on my balcony, I'm back to try to get more signal. The omt with smw LNB`s still give the best signal strength but with the modified LNB Trust I also have a lot of signal on Nilesat Qatar 72% is still the best result. On Nilesat is indeed now nw active...