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Jul 22, 2012
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Hi everybody

The fibo 120 standing here on my balcony, I'm back to try to get more signal.
The omt with smw LNB`s still give the best signal strength but with the modified LNB Trust
I also have a lot of signal on Nilesat Qatar 72% is still the best result. On Nilesat is indeed now
nw active beam that is all in North Africa testcard pictures, nice to see.

What strikes me at the fibo 120 I stand here that the distance of the signal greflecteerde
some of LNB horn will be very high after the ante neatly from the LNB if you flange and c120 lnb
used. Since you golflengete 10 GHz 3 cm, you will have soon a portion signal lost.

On the inside of the head where the dish to rest, I firmly put i.v.m by hanging bolts.

Suddenly I got the idea to test a LNB with hackneyed feedhorn without flange so the feedhorn holder
stabbing and adjusting, I got `s 10% increase in signal as the existing flange connections.

I also have the m8 allen bolt at the bottom of the feed horn unplugged so I can slide the feed horn.
When I took the feedhorn 2 cm forward slide I have 3% more signal, not much yet again.

That means that there is signal loss occurs in the last part (3cm) of the feedhorn holder and I
Wonder if this is to compensate with a Gibertini, channel master or prodelin feedhorn with flange
it delivers more signal, I'm curious if anyone knows. Also, it looks like the
feedhorn locked a portion of the signal. That is why I no very weak signals
get inside, it's simply "gone" and I have no signal elsewhere also read on the inet.

I also want to experimeteren to build the Inverto LNB in order to wr to 75 LNB so I can at this omt
Connecting since smw LNB`s has a conversion gain of 50 dB with a variation of + - 4 db.

The Inverto Black Ultra is similar electronics to be better and gives more signal this so I want to wr75
operating do so using one side of a multiswitch to the receivers there.
Signal via Omt works better because the H / V crosstalk well once signal gives much loss.

The fibo lines drawing blade earlier in the forum is not right to me because the lines the edges
of to hit because all surfaces are maximized moieten terms of reflection and reflector cup.

C band I want to continue but only on the side of the reflector and not through the reflector since
the wavelength is too low for daat. On the side of the reflector, I would affirm the blue ring coniche
the cband LNB on it and adjust to 5W I believe his strong cband signals have the polarizers
for l / r I have;) With ka could do it, S band is already difficult.

There are indeed new fibo Cahorn (visiosat) dishes on the market with a subreflector under the antenna
at the 55 and 90 cm implementation is, while in the embodiment, the reflector 120 cm or again sits on top, wherein
it is thought that there already is enough signal uiit the antenna. The difference has been proven that the
antenna builders apparently do not comply with larger antennas and optimalizering signal.

For the record, I am satisfied with the antenna, this is just so much to feed hunter behavior
the urbanization signal to take out, since half the satellite market turns on.


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