ka band

  1. satosk

    Ka band 17.2 -22.2 ghz by peon

    Today is the day when satellite DXing in Europe is entering another uncharted territory. Peon was there when it was necessary to confirm first reception in 18 or 22 GHz band and it is a distinct honor for me to inform you that he is also the first EU explorer of the last Ka frequency band 17.2 -...
  2. D

    Help Required Combine Saorsat LNB and Universal LNB on Motorized Dish

    Hi Folks I must apologise first as the issue i'm going to document here i once had fully working some time ago but i didnt document it properly and now i've forgotten the finer details. So here goes . The reciever is a Octagon SF8 running Enigma2 (Openvix). Outside is a motorised dish connected...