1. astra 1D

    analog satellite in 2022

    Hi i have acquired an analogue satellite receiver from the attic and i wondered if there are any analog satellite channels left. I know that Astra turned off is analog system in 2012.
  2. S

    Good combination for searching feeds

    Hi, I would like to buy a dish, motor, lnb and a receiver for searching for feeds, but I'm in doubt about the best equipment combination for searching feeds. For the dish I'm considering 1m dish in aluminum I was checking the gibertini Serie LN but don't know if its appropriate and good for...
  3. K

    Which receiver should I go for?

    Hello. I've been having trouble finding a receiver that fits the bill. My priorities are: - 1 Local TV antenna input - 1 Satellite coax input - 1 HDMI slot - 1 USB-A slot - A way to get Tivùsat card working (with or without a CI CAM) - A CI slot to plug in a Kabelio CAM - Ideally bellow 150...
  4. N

    Replacing Sky Q with a FTA receiver

    Good day all, I've been looking around for a replacement receiver since I will need to return the Sky Q receiver now that I've cancelled my subscription. I have decent knowledge of satellite stuff and I used to get the UK FTA channels over in Germany when I lived there using the built-in DVB-S2...
  5. V

    New to this, recommendation for receiver that will work with Turksat

    Hi all As the title says. I recently purchased an ultra HD tv. We have a satellite and a really old receiver for Turkish channels, unfortunately, it's so old it uses scart and not HDMI. I purchased an adapter and it's working fine but naturally with really bad quality. We want to get a new box...
  6. M

    Which receiver for Turksat (Turkish Channels) ?

    Hi ; I have been watching most of the channels that on Turksat via my satellite dish and basic 'Head' SD receiver My receiver is almost 8 years old and not working properly now I would like to buy a new receiver, possibly the ones with the PVR - USB recorder (HD) I have searched on Amazon...