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  1. Trust1

    Just Sharing This lnb changer fot GIBI 150

    Today I finished for a Dutch board member , a lnb changer for a Gibertini 1.5 m . Used a new alu rectangular 20 x 30 mm tube leaving the original feedarm unharmed . Managed to use the original side-arms without any modification . Of course with strengthening at the backside since the cross...
  2. Trust1

    New Lnb changer

    Today I finished the new Fibo lnb changer for 6 different lnb positions . The old one only could turn 180º and was controlled by a Omron PLC . The new one is controlled by diseqc 1.2 via a Openbox F-500 , just made only 6 channels at different satellites . I noticed that with diseqc 1.2 , the...