satellite dish

  1. H

    Advice Needed Motorized dish with one position dish.

    Hello! I have maybe a difficult question. I have a motorized dish and a one position dish. I would when the big dish are moved, should the little dish take over the reception for pay TV. And when I move the dish back to satellite position the big dish takes over the reception or works together...
  2. F

    For Sale Gilbertini 1.5 metre dish / Vu Solo 2 Receiver

    Costa del sol Dish is perfect and about 3 years old. Comes with heavy duty wall fixing, feedhorn etc... Gilbertini 1.5 metre dish and a VU Solo 2 Linux satellite receiver Price é200 Pick up from velez malaga postcode 29751
  3. Chr0nik

    For Sale Satellite dishes for sale

    I have the following for sale due to lack of space. All dishes are in relatively good condition and must be collected from Grays. CM 90cm dish w/o mount - £20 CM 120cm dish w/o mount - £25 Genetic 110cm dish - £20 Sky Minidish - £10 Please PM me if interested
  4. T

    Reception of channels with horizontal polarization works, vertical not

    Hi, I have a new dish pointed corectly toward HELLAS2 (39E) but I can't receive ANY channel sent with vertical polarization. Channels with horizontal polarization works perfectly. The signal strength shows 90% for all channels with horizontal polarization but 0 for all those with vertical...