1. RustySpoons


    Just pulled my stick out of the drawer and installed Works quite well I must say, cheap way to get DAB Playback on your PC and compatible tablets/phones.
  2. Analoguesat

    WXSat proof of concept

    Last weekend I made a very simple wxsat antenna - 4 bits of wood found in the shed, two 53cm lengths of wire and two crocodile clips. This is the antenna - please note the superb mount Ive bodged for it :-rofl2 Late last night I finally got an old laptop set up with sdr# and recognising the...
  3. Chris1979

    Plane Finder - another tracking site/program.

    I have installed this, it has a nice web interface. Installing it was very easy. I followed these instructions Flight Tracking Sharing Client | Information | Plane Finder They have a pdf for the pi install...
  4. Chris1979

    How to Calculate the offset value of your dongle

    windows download unzip, rename to: kalibrate, and move the folder to your c drive. enter the kalibrate folder. and copy the files from the sub directory,to the parent directory. run cmd from the start bar. paste this line in to cmd...
  5. Chris1979

    ModeSDeco2 RPI setup

    I want to use my raspberry pi as an ascars decoder. Can anyone help me please with a step by step guide I really want to run the ascarsdeco2 prog, and I have that running in windows, but I am looking to expand my system and coverage. Any help please. Thanks.