1. D

    Dish elevation and lnb height on offset 1.5m dish with multi lnb holder

    I have a offset dish and Im attaching a INverto multi lnb holder to it, the lnb heights can be adjusted to move up and down, my question is how does it affect dish elevation, for example if I move the lnb higher up so nearer to the dishes center would the dish elevation need to rise or decrease?
  2. F

    Design Satellite dish diameter

    knowing my longitude and my latitude, how to find the antenna diameter it takes to capture a certain beam for example to capture the beam "Europe ku" from India. What is the general calculation for any point and any beam?
  3. Schotelman

    Newbie Here Weird problem with new setup

    Dear all, I'm having a problem with polarisation. I have set up a 65 cm dish pointing at Astra 28.2E with clear line of sight. I'm well within the main spotbeam on the West coast of Holland. All equipment and cabling is new, except the Humax boxes which I bought refurbished directly from Humax...
  4. 9

    Help Required Pointing to 52.5 E receiving signal from 42.0 E

    I newly purchased some satellite systems (3 dish antenna and receivers) I currently have Hotbird @ 13E, Thor @ 0.8W. I am trying to setup Y1A at 52.5°E I have created the satellite in the receiver with all TP list. Point the dish to 52.5 with following: Elevation: 15.6° Azimuth (true)...
  5. David Connolly

    Newbie Here Satellite Setup Help

    Hi there, first time posting on the forum so sorry if this is in the wrong section! I've recently moved into a new house, and setup my satellite upon arrival. - 60cm Sky Dish - Vu+ Reciever - Zinwell Single LNB Up until monday it was working perfectly, 99% Signal Strength with around 80-90%...