1. Z

    How To Set Up DIY OTT IPTV for Sky Channels?

    Hi Hope you guys are well. I'm here seeking some help to set up a TV networking using internet (similar to cable TV system). This is not for commercial use and I don't want to use Sky Q or Go, but just out of interest. I could take the IP set top box with me during holidays abroad. So What it...
  2. B

    How to become Sky engineer

    Hello guys, I have been working for Sky for few years and by now learned all ins and outs about their products. However I have a big request to ask- from all of those who work as Sky engineers- any tips on how to get the job? My product knowledge is exquisite, I'm passionate about the job...
  3. Graeme M

    Leaving SKY

    HI. I have decided to cancel my SKY tv package and wondered if the old SKY+ HD box I have can still be used to receive Freesat/Freeview at all? Using the existing dish would mean I wouldn't have to install another TV aerial. Internet advice all seems to be years old, just wondered what the...
  4. npire1

    Will the Vu+ Duo2 be as good as the Humax Foxsat Hdr for fringe reception

    Hi I am thinking of replacing my Humax Foxsat Hdr for a Vu+ Duo 2 box but just a bit worried If It will be as good as my Humax box at fringe reception ? I would like to change to the Vu+ Duo 2 so I can combine all the paid tv I have from astra 19.2 & 23.5 with the freesat. Apparently this...
  5. S

    Advice Needed Afflicted with "No Signal"

    Hi everyone, New to here and hoping someone can help… About a I've had a Satellite Dish up and running for about 6 or so years (SkyHD for the first 4 or so and FreeSat HD for the rest of the time) it's always worked perfectly but I had noticed it was pretty rusty this summer and would probably...
  6. D

    Help Required Combine Saorsat LNB and Universal LNB on Motorized Dish

    Hi Folks I must apologise first as the issue i'm going to document here i once had fully working some time ago but i didnt document it properly and now i've forgotten the finer details. So here goes . The reciever is a Octagon SF8 running Enigma2 (Openvix). Outside is a motorised dish connected...
  7. statalite

    12v Sky or Freesat receiver for a boat

    Hi All, An installer friend of mine has an elderly customer with a boat and is requiring a receiver that is really easy to use, so that would be Sky or Freesat. Pace 1000 'javelin' Any Freesat alternatives? Thanks guys
  8. S

    Pacelink digimemo setup

    Having a bit of a problem. Changed a receiver today and cannot remember how to programme the digital memo. Years since I had to do one Anyone remember?
  9. A

    Wanted BSB VHS tapes

    Hi! This may be a bit off-topic, but I'm looking to purchase recordings of the BSB channels. Any for sale? :) P.S: I also want tapes with footage encrypted in Videocrypt.