1. M

    Advice Needed Strange problem with no power to motor

    Hi, having a strange issue with my setup - Technomate TM-2300 Super, driving a Triax 88cm dish. Receiver is a VU Solo 2. Everything was fine until this week when I went to watch something on 28.2, it seemed the dish was pointing somewhere else and was not moving. Checked the motor power LED and...
  2. S

    Technomate 5402 M4

    Hi everyone, please don’t drop at your knees with this post lol I have read all the info in the previous posts which ended up getting closed down due to people not acting like grownups it seems. anyway my question is simple (ish) … I have just brought a 5402 M4 and wanted to know two things...
  3. statalite

    Technomate 5402hd m3, LNBF error

    Hi Guys, I have received the Technomate 5402hd m3 sent to me kindly by @TJExcalibur. It is however proving hard to setup. The setup before we start a standard sky setup on a fixed dish. On booting the receiver for the first time it tried to search for a motor to go to 30 west, this failed...