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    Help Required 52.5 East 0.8 West same dish

    Hi, I was wondering if it is possible to setup 52.5 and 0.8 on same dish ? I have a 90 cm dish and located outside of Gothenburg, Sweden (57.83, 12.30) My LNB bracket see attachment:
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    Help Required Thor 5 (0.8°W) and Hot Bird (13° E) single dish

    I have been trying to receive signal from Hot Bird 13° E for two weeks now. My setup: 80 cm dish Foxstar FS-5G-6 FTA Receiver 2x Universal LNB Universal 4 LNB holder I am able to receive signal from Thor 5 but not Hot Bird I am not sure if I have setup the LNB holder correctly as it has two...