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90% signal quality with no signal!

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Sandefjord, Norway
Here's a mystery I have just come across regarding my Panasonic DSB 30.

Try this yourself and see what you get!

1. Go to Installer Menu (system setup 0,1)
2. Change default transponder settings to 10773/H 22000 5/6
3. immediately unplug power cord from digibox
4. wait 10 or so secs and plug it back in
5. go to signal strength (item 6 in system setup)

What do you see? Mine shows 60% signal strength and 90% signal quality. The Lock Indicator shows 'locked' and the other two values (network id and transport stream) are 0000.

Now - and get this! - if i unplug the LNB cable from the back of the box, the signal strength drops to zero (naturally!), the Lock Indicator goes to 'unlocked', BUT THE SIGNAL QUALITY REMAINS AT 90%!

Any ideas anyone?

By the way, sorry if this has appeared as half a post already ... i hit the tab and enter key in quick succession by accident and submitted the previous attempt prematurely.



Believe it when I see it Admin.
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It would appear to be a software glitch Mike, probably nothing more.