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Butchering audio cables


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I want to connect my sky digibox to my speakers and music center, but i dont have to proper cables, i have 2 old Playstation 2 scart leads, (The ones with the male connections, the red, white and yellow. (Not the actual scart) If i cut off the male connecton, could i attach it to the other end of the wire easily? Like an f connector? See the picture for a better idea. I´d cut off the connector of 1 and stick it to the other end of the wire. Would it work?


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The analogue audio levels used are fairly standard (roughly, "zero level"!). But, for a particular lead, it depends whether the audio connection is wired as "in" or "out" on the SCART connector!

If the SCART connector is moulded on, there's a 50% chance (just try and see)! Otherwise, you have to rewire it, which will be impossible if it's "moulded on".

Otherwise, SCART leads from "pound shops" can easily be taken to bits, and with a soldering iron there's no problem making a working lead (for SCART pins use/diagrams, do a google search).