Edision Primo IP S2 - Firmware Recovery/Clean Firmware Flash


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Jan 31, 2018
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If for whatever reason you manged to brick your box or want to do a clean re-install/upgrade (Normal update does not do a clean install and factory reset does not clear everything)

Warning! this will remove any settings you have changed! Including all channels/transponders you have saved.

Do the following steps:

1: Download the firmware you wish to install, unzip it and put it on the root directory of a USB stick (Ideally make sure its formatted first)
2: Put the USB stick in to one of the USB ports on the receiver.
2: Unplug power lead from the receiver.
3: Ensure the HDMI lead is connected and your TV is on and the correct input is selected.
4: Plug the power cable in, as soon as you see the word "boot" displayed on the front of the receiver press the power button until this changes to "upg".
5: You will see the boot logo displayed, then wait patiently and a "Firmware Update" menu is displayed.

From here press the red key on the remote, it will then pop up with the firmware file on the USB drive, select this file and press "OK" on the remote, it will then ask "Do you want to update firmware" select yes and press "OK"

Your receivers firmware will update and it will reboot.


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May 29, 2009
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Before doing so, you can selectively Back Up to a USB stick any particular settings important to you eg Channel Lists.

These can easily be restored once your clean-sweep has been completed.