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My Satellite Setup
1.5m IRTE PF, Octagon OSLO external Ref., TBS6983,
Various L, S, C, X & Ka bits. 1.2m S/X/Ku/Ka Prodelin on Az-El
My Location
I installed a 6GB RAMdisk and put Tellicast on there, together with all the user directories. Over a few hours I only had one or 2 key missing failures. However, I was still losing some parts of some images (I'm still downloading all channels). MSG-Data Manager retrieved the MSG HRIT and some other World high res. The MSGs were all complete but some of the high res had bits missing.

I think the way to work is to use the RAM Disk for all incoming files. MSG Data Manager and some other s/w will remove old and processed files. I could see space being freed on the RAM disk as it was running. It looks like serious users have one PC to receive and another to process. However, I think it may work ok on one PC if you restrict the number of channels captured.

I Used Softperfect RAM Disk which will also archive the disk image on an HD. The latest version is not free but V3.4.8 is shareware, free for home users. Download SoftPerfect RAM Disk - MajorGeeks

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