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Hello all,

I've read somewhere that it was possible to get a feed from NHK Tokyo on 11189V 16 east. Is it possible to getting it at the moment?

Also, I live in South London (SW9 area) and I also read somewhere that it was possible to get NHK World on Intelsat-10 68.5e in the London area with a 1.8m c-band dish. I found somewhere where such dishes are sold (maplin) and I'm willing to spend the money to buy that dish in order to watch the asian channels on that bird (including chinese and japanese) but can anybody tell whether it is possible to watch that bird from my location (Brixton) because from what I'm reading, I'm reasing my hopes and waiting to order the dish.

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It all depends on your line of sight, in London I would have thought you would struggle to see the Eastern horizon at that elevation but who knows, you may be lucky, however even if you are you will need planning permission for a dish of that size.

I do not see NHK on 16 East do you? check here