Fun Card Programming nightmare

I have a Digitall World Free-to-Air receiver (SFT2000) which has a built in MagicCam and a slot for a satellite card. When I first received the box it had access to most of the TPS, Canal and quite a few other European feeds, but as the codes changed I lost them all. I have a Mastera II programmer and a Funcard 6 and I have tried in vain to update the codes using ChipChat, Cardwriter and PonyProg software. I sat for hours trying everything I could imagine to get the hex files from the PC to the card but alas my efforts were all in vain. I am cuurently using windows XP and the programming software apps all claim to be compatible with XP and they do actually communicate with the programmer, but the codes don't get written.

I know it must be something really simple and I am likely to be just missing a simple point. I would like some help, maybe a link to an instruction document or a cheklist for programming, just anything to get a result. Please forgive my desperation.:)

Ther is also an option to update the codes with the remote control but I simply don't know where to get these codes from. Any hints or links would be well appreciated.

Please help this very frustrated man.


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There is a walk through on at least one of the programming software versions you mention on also there are file a code links in Nobbly's big links list at the top of the forum.