Humax lose Viaccess licence


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Viaccess has terminated on July 1, 2002 its license agreement with Korean manufacturer Humax

Paris, July 01, 2002

We hereby notify all our partners licensed under the Viaccess technology that Viaccess has terminated on July 1, 2002 its license agreement with Korean manufacturer Humax due to constant and numerous breaches to its licence obligations, such breaches having seriously harmed Viaccess licensed operators, manufacturers and distributors.

As a consequence, any manufacture and sale of set top boxes embedding the Viaccess technology made by HUMAX is illegal, and any purchase of such products can only be construed as counterfeit and will not be supported by Viaccess.
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I believe a similar notice was sent out re Samsung

There is no doubt they were good machines, but owing to the way Humax and Samsung distributed the receivers, and the dubious origins of certain fabulous patches, it was only a matter of time before they woul dbe found to have abused the licence agreements given by France Telecom.

There is also little doubt that manufacturers that have been towing the line re the Telecom licence would have had some reason to complain when the Humax name was being bandied about as having everything necessary to provide the user with satellite TV.

Bit like atheletes on drugs getting medals at the Olympics, it happens, but theres a risk of getting caught and banned.