I've finally received my 180cm Irte dish!

Yay! I've finally received it. Last night I assembled all the 6 petals together and I have to say that after all the petals make up a quite solid strucrutre when put together.

Now I got tow problems,though:

1) The holes do NOT match with the hole on the 1224el adapting plate :((( I got a drill with a vanadium tip so I can drill out new holes. My question is: should I make the hole so that the center of the dish is in the very center of the adapting plate or what? what if the dish is say a few mm up or down (but still in the middle of the adapting plate)?

2) I have to invent something to make the three little lnb poles hold my chaparal corrotor :S

That's it!
thanks a lot!
ok, I've drilled the holes and all should be fine.

I was wondering, what if instead of using my corrotor I get a Ku C120 unversal lnb? I already have the feed (which is nothing but a piece of metal). would the lnb alone work or would I need a magnetic polarizator?


Ps I know that this way I'd lose C band but I might get better ku band performance.

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What performance were you getting with the corotor ?

Most losses at Ku band will be with this device
but the petals on the irte have to be EXACT to be efficient at Ku even with a dedicated feed

Do they look alright, string right, and have no strange fitting anomalies ?

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The Co Rotor is pretty signal " lossy"on both Bands but as highlighted by Channel hopper the Ku band the highest, hence my advise to remove the 90 degree elbow a while back.

A 1.8 is near the minium size for a C band what are you looking to recieve ? If you remove the Co Rotor you may well be supprised at the differance.

I have both a 2.0 mtr and 1.8 mtr Precision at (different locations) and the 1.8 mtr will perform as well as the 2.0 mtr if I leave the ADI co rotor on the 2.0 mtr

If you have the try both options that way you will be able to decide the option for yourself.


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