Manchester vs Sporting


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Just watched the game, nice win for the red Devils. Few things from the game:
1)The ref was not bad at all, considering all the hype about him beforehand. He did let the game flow as much as possible.
2) He also did stop that typical diving pretty early on with a well given yellow card. Shame about this diving culture, it really spoils it.
3) Sporting fans made a lot of noise all through the game, great atmosphere.
4) I liked the way they applauded Ronaldo when he was substituted, even though he scored the winner. What can I say, Sporting in name and sporting in nature :)


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From this seasons CL, all referees have been told to deal strongly with diving. Players are to be given a warning and if they do it again then a free kick or a penalty will be given.

Also if a player goes down injured the refs are to let play go on and stop the game only if they see fit to do so. If the opposition take it upon themselves to kick the ball out of play, they've been told that the team with the injured player does not have to let the opposition have the ball back. This is obviously to reinforce the fact that the referees should decide when to stop the play.