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Hey all,

My name is Mikey and I am located in Brisbane, Australia. I am lookng into getting some equiptment to recieve signals (hopefully some from the US and Europe although i'm not sure about the signal strengh)

The decoder box I am interested in is the Benjamin DB-6600 does anyone have any info or opinions about this box? Some details are here but they are a bit scarce:

would It work with an 8.5 feet or 2.5m mesh ant some info of the one that I had in mind is here:

if it would not work can anyone suggest a better setup?

If it would what about a positioner for this setup? can anyone recommend something that would work well?

Thanx in advance all.



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Can't comment or advise on the receiver or dish Mikey, as I have little experience on large dish setups, there are several members on the forum who do though.

With regard to the satellites which will be viewable from your location, I would try doing some investigation on

I'm pretty sure that you will not be able to receive anything that is beamed at Europe, although i'm sure that there will be content there of European origin.

NB. I've moved this to Multi Satelite systems Mikey, it will get a better response there.
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Benjamin is not well known in this country but has a good following in the Middle East, they are renowned for reliability.

As for the dish, its all down to what you a want to watch, and your climate

If you are mainly into Ku band TV then maybe a solid dish will work better for you.

If you live in a windy area then a mesh will work better unless you can build a substantial base for the dish

A positioner has to function with the motor used and the size of dish, the conditions of weather do have a say in what is best.

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Do you have an idea of the type of signals that you would like to recieve ?

US channels like CNBC and Discovery BBC world etc are recievable from satellites in your location.

If you can identify specific channels we try to help and advise on the choice of dish and setup etc.


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