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Hello all, I am totally new to all this and have read many articles and tutorial guides on this site.
my setup is to be the following.

technomate 5500 ci super
manhattan motor (HH140alu)
with 80cm channel master dish

from a well known map site i have obtained my longitude and latitude which are

latitude = 52.45 (north)
longitude = 1.7083 (east)

from the manhattan manual it says set the motor to latitude (52.45) and from the table supplied table (manhattan manual) set the dish elevation to 39.0 on the dish.

if someone much more expert than me can tell me if i am right up till now.

The thing that i am having trouble getting my head round is the due south setting. My technomate reciever supports USALS so is it best to use this instead of the disqec1.2 ?

I thinks i need to set the reciever to thor .8 degrees west and then turn the whole mount (motor and dish) until i recieve a good strong signal. then save this as my zero position satelite?

entering my lat and long into the technomate reciever this should then find all the other sats.
The trouble being that in my technmoate manual it says set the latitiude to (south of UKs latitude 515 north) and set longitude (london longitude is 0.001 west)
this of course does not in anyway relate to my lat and long of 52..45 and 1.7083 which i assume i shouild be entering? it also says if weak signal obtained adjust longitude upto 9 (exampe 0.002 or 0.003 etc...).

I really don't get this part of the setup or if i should be using usals or disqec1.2 .

I know this sounds confusing but i have tried to include everthing.

hope somone can help.



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If you set up the dish and motor as stated above, add your correct coordinates into the USALS settings, then send the dish to 1W using the receiver and try and find it by moving the motor on the pole and then to fine tune, the dish elevation only. Your dish should then be roughly lined up.


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hi ronbol,
this is a quick reply, to get you started, but you really need a compass, (its best) then steer the motor to its 0 position or the top of its apex, then stand behind the dish,using a thin lathe of timber as a straight edge, lined up on the lnb going through the center line on the post, then line it all up to about 185 degrees, you must do this before you worry about anything else
hope this helps, but keep it mind i know nothing about usuals so can not comment on that

hi rolfw :) :)