Nokia box fused?



My Nokia died last night after unplugging from the mains then plugging back in again. Checked the usual - outlet is OK, plug fuse replaced and is OK so it must be the box itself. Can't get in to it as it has special screws with non-standard heads. Any tips on what the problem may be (internal fuse? Hope that's all) and how to get in to it? Thanks.
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A Switch mode power supply has one fuse in it but DONT simply change it for another. Its there for your protection, not the box

It will need a repair with probably ten or twelve components and an engineers touch

As for opening it - go to your local car boot sale. There will be a tool provider that sells those hinged boxes with all manner of screwdriver heads for £2. The bit you need will be in there.

Otherwise as its a plastic case a large soldering iron set to 420C. Open the window though


Hi my nokia did the same to me once.. i spoke to I** Dig**** they said static build up is common in nokia boxes.. the said leave it unplugged for 24 hours.. remove smart card as well. then after a day or so power it back up... but even if the display is blank leave on for an hour then press reset.. the box should boot back up