Just Sharing This Plex have finally updated the Xbox one app.



Plex have finally updated the Xbox one app.

Full story:- Plexbox One X: The Emplexening | Plex

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Some of them he new features:-

  • Mixed Photo/Video Libraries
    Now, not only can you view all the unforgettable moments captured in your vacation photos, but you can watch the videos you took during the trip, too. All within the same library!
  • Alexa Compatibility
  • Compatibility with Alexa means you can freely lose the remote into the deep abyss of couch cushions with wild abandon; just talk to her, already!
  • Better Subtitle Compatibility
    The app can now display many subtitle formats without using additional server resources. Enjoy faster playback and less whirring!
  • Xbox Gamertags
    Not sure you want everyone to know how long you’ve been playing Goat Simulator? For the internet sleuths in your life, Plex accounts are no longer tied to your Xbox gamertags. There’s no need to link accounts, and you can enjoy your newfound freedom.


I have gone back to my osmc box as plex still haven’t been able to fix full screen playback of tv Shows.

Still it’s a nice touch imho to add the news streams, and if you have a compatible network tuner you can also watch live tv.

Recently I have been using the Plex DVR function with my hdhomerun dvb-t2 box, so far everything running great, it’s recording all the tv I need :D

Now I need to think about buying the lifetime license.