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    Advice Needed Switching from Sky Q to use Freesat & Plex

    Hi, I've spent the last few days doing lots of research as I'm looking to leave Sky Q and go down the Freesat route. Instead of buying a Freesat box, I'd like to use my existing NAS and Plex server with the DVR function to watch & record live TV. I've found a couple of solutions, but...
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    Just Sharing This Enigma2 for Plex DVR = HRTunerProxy

    take a look at this project: GitHub - OpenViX/HRTunerProxy: Setup Enigma2 to act as HR-Tuner Proxy all I did was flash my Vu Duo with openvix, then I installed the plugin via the "download plugins" its under system plugins. plex dvr most times picked it up via the add tuner menu, if not just...
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    Vu Duo 2 and Plex DVR.

    plex dvr is rumoured to work with the Vu Duo 2 and show up as network tuners. I don’t have a duo2 to be able to test this rumour out. Can and Plex users and Vu Duo 2 owners try this combination out please? Perhaps @Captain Jack might be able to help.
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    Just Sharing This Plex have finally updated the Xbox one app.

    Plex have finally updated the Xbox one app. Full story:- Plexbox One X: The Emplexening | Plex Some of them he new features:- Mixed Photo/Video Libraries Now, not only can you view all the unforgettable moments captured in your vacation photos, but you can watch the videos you took...
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    FreeNAS MK II

    Decided to upgrade my nas setup. So I am going to use a gamer case and power supply, I already have. I have ordered an ASUS N3050m motherboard and celerion dual core cpu. 2x 4GB ddr 3 sticks, 2x sata controller cards, and 4x 2tb Toshiba p300 hdd's. I have 2 2tb drives in my current freenas...