plex dvr

  1. Chris1979

    Just Sharing This Enigma2 for Plex DVR = HRTunerProxy

    take a look at this project: GitHub - OpenViX/HRTunerProxy: Setup Enigma2 to act as HR-Tuner Proxy all I did was flash my Vu Duo with openvix, then I installed the plugin via the "download plugins" its under system plugins. plex dvr most times picked it up via the add tuner menu, if not just...
  2. Chris1979

    Vu Duo 2 and Plex DVR.

    plex dvr is rumoured to work with the Vu Duo 2 and show up as network tuners. I don’t have a duo2 to be able to test this rumour out. Can and Plex users and Vu Duo 2 owners try this combination out please? Perhaps @Captain Jack might be able to help.
  3. Chris1979

    Just Sharing This Plex have finally updated the Xbox one app.

    Plex have finally updated the Xbox one app. Full story:- Plexbox One X: The Emplexening | Plex Some of them he new features:- Mixed Photo/Video Libraries Now, not only can you view all the unforgettable moments captured in your vacation photos, but you can watch the videos you took...
  4. Chris1979

    FreeNAS MK II

    Decided to upgrade my nas setup. So I am going to use a gamer case and power supply, I already have. I have ordered an ASUS N3050m motherboard and celerion dual core cpu. 2x 4GB ddr 3 sticks, 2x sata controller cards, and 4x 2tb Toshiba p300 hdd's. I have 2 2tb drives in my current freenas...