Questions from a noob!

Well, i ve got to say you are doin a good job guys. I d like to ask some questions cause i am a "little" noob!First of all, i own a nokia 9800 and a sat with 2 lnbs for astra/hotbird and a euroirdeto softcell 2.06. Which options do i have to make most of my system(watch scrambled channels) and how can i do it? Do i need to buy other cams, programmers for pc,etc? I also own a viaccess card from an official subscription. But hte company has closed now. Can i reprogram this card?


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The Irdeto CAM can be used with a season interface quite successfully, but for that you need to be running the computer and have a connection from it to decrypt anything. Best bet would be to get yourself another CAM, the Dragon, Matrix Revolutions or X-CAM would give you a lot of potential. Some of the CAMs have their own loader directly connected to the serial port, but others require a phoenix programmer and either a dedicated loader card or funcard for loading of new software.