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Receiver on the move

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Hello everyone - new kid on the block - just found you as a result of bothering a Sat shop for information instead of just buying something !

My problem is that I want Sat tv when I take my caravan out either in UK or abroad - say France and Holland for starters.

I have just bought a Fortec Receiver and now I think I need a Magic Module and at least one card - am I right?

My objective is to receive UK Tv abroad and anything else I can find on Astra and Hotbird Sats. When back at home I will re connect the receiver to my tv and fixed dish to make further use here - over and above good old SKY.
Apologies if I am boring some - I promise not too hold you up on the roads next time I see you in the mirrors.

There is obviously loads of info here to swallow - I will keep reading



Believe it when I see it Admin.
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Hi Steve,

Welcome to the forum, you will get more UK TV by taking your Sky receiber along with you, but certainly the Fortec with some type of universal CAM and a funcard will give you quite a bit more.