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Satelite Set Up in other Countries

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Ok, here goes....

I'm in Canada eh, going to Greece eh, and want to set up a dish there eh.

That's enough of the Canadian stuff, eh!

Anyways, here it's relatively simple to get DN - Echostar, point dish, load a bin, scan, enter key codes and your going. I have pansat, viewsat and just got DM 500.

I'm assuming I can pick up sat's servicing the UK from Greece, or others, and the bins and key code process is similar to what we have here.

It would be sincerely appreciated if someone can give me guidance on equipment requirements and instructions or tips, even links to access detail;ed instructions would be fine.



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My Satellite Setup
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The signals destined for the UK are either encrypted or require a big dish if trying to receive from Greece, but there is plenty of other stuff out there aimed at the European market but with English language audio available.

As you have a Dreambox, I would suggest looking in the Dreambox section, there is an idiots guide in there covering most aspects of setting up the box and hundreds of threads regarding emulators and updaters.