signal strength?



Does anyone know how good your tv picture must be to guarentee that an on digital box would work woth no probs?

Also is the box affected by ariel sharing?(i live in a block of flats where the main ariel is input to a booster with 6 outputs, one for each flat)

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[updated:LAST EDITED ON 25-Jan-02 AT 11:24 PM (GMT)]Hi Alan,

Unfortunately there's no guarantee for digital reception when using analogue reception as a guide. As a general rule you can normally receive digital television if you have a strong unamplified analogue signal, but this cannot be relied on totally.

With regard to communal aerials the same applies to a lesser degree, they can also be filtered, so that only 4 or 5 frequencies are allowed to pass, these of course will be the old analogue frequencies.

What I would always suggest is that you borrow someone's box and give it a try on your aerial, I'm sure you must know someone that will be prepared to lend you one for an hour or so.