Which TV Card

Which TV Card can I purchase that will
1. have the freeview stations and
2. can allow me to connect my sattelite receiver to,so that I
3.can record on to dvd either direct or via my hd.
Is there such a tv card.The ones I have seen don't specify if they have a manual tv tuner which I could tune in to my system via the rf. Any help greatly appreciated.


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Haven't seen one that does both analogue and digital. The Technisat Freeview PCI receiver is a nice digital terrestrial card, but has no input for a satellite receiver.


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The only way I can think of doing this is to buy a cheap freeview box with scart and an analogue tv capture card with svhs and stereo audio connections, using 2 scart leads connect your freeview box to the sat box and then connect your sat box to your PC's TV card using a svhs cable or scart cable and with scart to svhs converter.

All analogue tv cards I have come accross have manual tuning so you can tune in to your receivers etc.

You might want to take a look at http://www.dvdrhelp.com before you make a decision, there are loads op pitfall when it comes to capturing and burning. Also DVD set top recorders are dropping in price.

I myself use an analogue TV card with FBAS and SVHS inputs that compresses (hardware compression) in real time to MPEG1 & MPEGII. I have a satellite receiver connected to the SVHS connector on the TV card. After capturing to MPEGII the files are compatible with DVD so all I have to do is burn them to a blank DVD-/+R(W).