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    Dreambox800 Clone I'm getting the error "ERR01 NO CA FOUND

    if dreamup will not communicate with your dm800...? only way i found on a friends 800 that would not communicate with dreamup was to use my working 800 receiver, connect working box first with dream up so it reads it then plugin broken 800 and then you can flash it through web-browser again or...
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    Epg Evolution

    ive used wiki with pli tried to get this to work but no go anybody got this to work on pli jade- sqlite database? dm500 enigma1? please tel me how, mount working 100% but only std epg working ie 2 programs thanks foz
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    sky on dreambox?

    what cccam version have you loaded? ive read 2011 & 2010 have problems with some nds cards not on dm100 but may be same, try 209 works 100% on dm500 s give it a try foz
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    Dreambox Keys Updater V4

    digitv key change not picked up last night (not tested today) happy new year foz
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    Dreambox Keys Updater V4

    what packages does it open? i have found digi tv 1w & max tv 16e any more????? thanks for the hard work guys works 100% foz