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    Innovative STB?

    Yep !! and quite happy with it too.Had to undergo some patching and reflashing but was all worth it. If bought in Europe, you'll have to reflash the network card 'cos there was a defective batch, nothing hard to do, just install some software. N*V*, MCT, S-x V--ew, R*d Li**t channels, you need...
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    Irdeto FIRMWARE

    Any more sites available please? I need Version F2-B018K. This seems to work best for me. Can anyone please tell me where to get it from? Thanks m8's marmal ^-J
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    Nokia 9650S channel editor

    Any software available for MM9650S as regards channel list editing? Thanks m8's. :-band
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    Fortec Star 5400

    Thanks m8. Regards 2 all. :-righton
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    Fortec Star 5400

    Can anyone please tell me how can I check the firmware version on the Fortec Star 5400 ? Tnx . ^-J
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    Bootloader and channel editing

    Can anyone help me how to determine the bootloader version of my Nokia Mediamaster 9650s? And is there a channel editing software around that supports the 9650s? Many thanks and regards ;)
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    I heard of an upgrade for Millenium, that makes it able to wobble SilverCards too, but I can't find the provider of this chip, maybe someone can help us woth this. Thanks:confused:
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    irdeto hex files

    Can anyone pls instruct me how to program Irdeto files on a GW card, I have a 1.03 Magic Module and I never succeded in programming a gw card. Thanks for your help. Regards,;) :eek:
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    Magic module and TPS

    Sorry Nobbly for not answering you. I have a Nokia MM9650S, the magic is working tops, and now I upgraded to firmware 1.09 as advisedand TPS is comming in perfectly. So for those of you who, like myself, are newbies, know now that TPS works with 1.09 firmware and Magic Module works perfectly...
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    Magic module and TPS

    Thanks there guys, I'll try upgrading to 1.09 then, just hope DreamLoad runs under WinXP. Wish me luck, thanks again.
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    Magic module and TPS

    Can anyone suggest and kinly help me on how to get Multivisio French channels working on my Magic 1.03 (f/w 1.05) with fun files? Do I have to upgrade to v1.09 firmware? Thanks, marmal.:P
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    Magic Cam and DS9

    Does anyone know if MM is capable of accepting DS9 ? Thanks, CU :P
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    Magic Cam and Nokia 9650S

    Thanks Nikolai, that I will do. Hopefully I'll keep you posted with some REALLY good news O-Ha )(-red O-Ha
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    Magic Cam and Nokia 9650S

    Yhanks Nikolai for your answer, the situation got a BIT better now. I connected the 9650 to the LNB, upgraded the firmware to the latest on the NOKIA site and the MM programmed easily now, BUT, I still can get nothing out of it but FTA channels. I inserted a Fun card programmed with Nokia Files...
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    Magic Cam and Nokia 9650S

    This is for you Nikolai, if you would help please, I am trying to reprogram my magic cam V1.02 on my 9650 s. The cam connects, the green light is on and when I start Dream Loade programming, I get ' Module not responding' message and the program halts. I tried it on both my PC's and the same...