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    Nagra 2 hack

    If you read what I said, I never said that the FTA makers had anything to do with the hack; to be more clear in my point..., the FTA makers simply took the IDEA and RSA keys and developed or assisted development of the software to use their respective receivers. I agree that if a hack is...
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    Nagra 2 hack

    There are reports that N2 in North America is down, key switch took place a few hours ago. Lets see what happens. Anybody have the new idea and RSA keys? Ya right.
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    Who cares who hacks anything first, lets think globally people. Lets keep "My country is better than yours" out of it pinheads. What I want to confirm though is...I thought the N2 hack was a legitamate hack and not a hole. I guess we will wait and see what counter measures are initiated...
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    Nagra 2 hack

    Yes a hack did occur. The IDEA and RSA keys on the new N2 cards were hacked and spread all around the internet. Not sure who finally read them with a ISO reader or where they are located on the card. This is not a hole, as previously exploited in the RCA system, it is a hack. You need the...
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    successdvb cg5860? software

    I have a freevu DCD2000 receiver. It is made by Shenzhen success technologies. After some internet research found out that it is a success cg5860. Anyone ever found software upgrades for this. I think it may be very close to a coship or ariza. anybody know? Please help if you could.
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    ariza FAS-A-TP2000CI software where I FİND

    I have a success cg5860 (sold under the name freevu dcd2000). Have you found software for yours?