1. H

    Help Required Luton - NOS 30W & FreeSat

    Hi all, Currently looking for a qualified electrician and Sat installer to do set up a 30W NOS with an 80cm dish for and a 28.2E FreeSat with a dish. The dishes need to be put on the roof (3 storey high detached building), cabling to go on the loft; we are in Caddington, just 2 miles down of...
  2. Richard1963

    Missing diseqc switch?

    I needed a duo LNB with twin output canaldigitaal | DUO LNB However my installer instead installed two single LNBs one for 19.2 and one for 23.5. My receiver (an M7 MP201) has two inputs so in theory I should be able to record but all I can do is watch programmes sent on one of the two...
  3. Z

    3 axes DiSEqC solution

    Hi everybody, i just thinking about this kind of installation. This is just an idéa and already some problems turn in my mind. First, some of you will say that a polar mount can do the job... Ok but this is just more exciting i think, no ? As you can see the idea is to use normal DiSEqC...