1. J

    Just Sharing This Dish Spotted on Substation

    I spotted this Dish on top of a Substation (its a UK Power Networks building with danger of death signs - so educated guess?) Its pointing at Astra 28.2° (compared to the blocks of flats nearby in the carpark) Any ideas what it might be being used for/was used for? I'm guessing some kind of data...
  2. Tridant

    Wanted Wanted - 90cm Prime Focus in Essex

    Greetings, would any of you kind folk have a 90cm PF for sale? Needed for Meteor weather satellite reception on 1.7ghz. Mounting hardware isn't important but must have the three LNB stays please. Can collect most of Essex or around Basildon. Thanks. de Spence M0STO
  3. ARTPollard


    How antennas are measured to meet high quality specifications
  4. S

    Good combination for searching feeds

    Hi, I would like to buy a dish, motor, lnb and a receiver for searching for feeds, but I'm in doubt about the best equipment combination for searching feeds. For the dish I'm considering 1m dish in aluminum I was checking the gibertini Serie LN but don't know if its appropriate and good for...
  5. Chr0nik

    Picked up an irte prime focus dish

    Hi, This morning I picked up this 1.2m IRTE Prime Focus dish I bought from eBay and I have a couple of questions. For the past week I've been looking in the specs of this dish and more information and all I've been able to find is a 2 or 3 page PDF posted here and not much but I would like to...
  6. Chr0nik

    Wanted Prime focus / channel master dish - grays/thurrock area

    As I'm currently getting more and more interested in this hobby, I would like to have a bigger antenna to get some of the signals I cannot get with a 110cm dish. If you have a prime focus or Channel Master dish bigger than 110cm that you would like to give a new caring home, please let me know...
  7. D

    Dish elevation and lnb height on offset 1.5m dish with multi lnb holder

    I have a offset dish and Im attaching a INverto multi lnb holder to it, the lnb heights can be adjusted to move up and down, my question is how does it affect dish elevation, for example if I move the lnb higher up so nearer to the dishes center would the dish elevation need to rise or decrease?
  8. F

    Design Satellite dish diameter

    knowing my longitude and my latitude, how to find the antenna diameter it takes to capture a certain beam for example to capture the beam "Europe ku" from India. What is the general calculation for any point and any beam?
  9. statalite

    Storing a dish

    Probably a silly question or simple awnser but I'm storing my CM 1m as vertically on its side at the moment, I don't know about the previous owner, but I have had it like this for quite a while whilst it's with me, the surface it's leaning on isn't totally flat. Will the fact it's vertical and...
  10. Phoenixx

    Masterfocus Optimalisation Watch out Signal boost ;)

    Hi everybody The fibo 120 standing here on my balcony, I'm back to try to get more signal. The omt with smw LNB`s still give the best signal strength but with the modified LNB Trust I also have a lot of signal on Nilesat Qatar 72% is still the best result. On Nilesat is indeed now nw active...
  11. Satfaca

    For Sale Orbitron SX-8.5 + Ajak Aimer

    A very rare opportunity ... specially in Europe. Orbitron SX-8.5 (255 cm) micro-mesh Antenna with Ajak Aimer H2H Motor, 18" Jaeger for elevation, Precision C/Ku feedhorn (same as ADL RP3-CKu), CalAmp C-band LNB. Upon wish also Chaparral M140, unfortunately with defective power supply. You...
  12. S

    Weird one, problem on multi switch

    a friend ask me to have a look at a problem they are having. It is a communal 1.9m dish with quartro lnb going to a 16 feed switch. the prblem they are having is they are getting brake up at night. the cable run is no longer than 30meters to the house and no one else is complaining. I tried...
  13. hisakatano

    2016 My House Portrait -From South Korea

    Hi Everyone !! This is 2016 My House Portrait !!
  14. S

    Advice Needed Single Dish recommendation NE Scotland

    My old sky dish has rusted through and given up.Looking to replace with a single dish for astra 28.2 / astra 19.2 / hotbird 13 with a Manhattan Plaza HD-S2 and a Wetek Play. I am looking at the Visiosat G3A. Or a Visiosat 100cm dish with tri lnb support? (thinking the SMC would be better for a...