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    Connection to Zphone GPON 2427a

    Hi, i have Zphone GPON 2427A-EU in an apartment in Spain. I purchased a dreambox last year and was hoping to move it this setup. Its a ZPhone Gpon 2427a. Is this possible? The dreambox is a Zgemma H.2s. Any help would be very much appreciated. Unfortunately, i do not know much about the existing...
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    Dreambox unconfirmed IP and Nameserver

    Hi, I searched everywhere for help regarding this. I really hope I can find some answers in here. I have a Dreambox 800 HD SE with wifi network card and recordable harddrive. I have OpenPLI OS installed. I used to connect through wifi and it has worked perfectly for years. A week ago I got...
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    Advice Needed Motorised Mystery - Multiple Dreambox 800HDs tried which do not drive various motors with 30m cable

    Hi colleagues, I would be really grateful for any advice on the following problem that has made my satellite viewing experience quite painful over last 4 years. I currently have a Dreambox 800HD PVR with motorised dish set-up (namely, Triax 88cm dish and GeoTrack H-100 DiseqC 1.2 Actuator). My...