1. F


    Inverto LNBs , I've heard a lot about it , never had a chance to use it before. So i've ordered an Inverto IDLT-SNL412-ULTRA-OPN LNB from E-bay for couple of weeks ago. They sent me the old IDLB-SINL40-ULTRA-OPP by mistake. i’ve kept the old one and i ordered the new one ones again. And during...
  2. Phoenixx

    Experience with difference between several feed horns

    I want to try some feedhorns on my Fibo 120 , does any on Experience with it ? I found some feedhorns and in the specs i read f.d 0.5-0.7 is there a optimum for the feedhorns ?
  3. Phoenixx

    Advice Needed Try To buy and test Sonic 80 db lnb to Fibo 120

    Hi all Feedhunters ;) I have a little problem and i hope that anyone can help me. I know there are people who want more signal in fringe description When i google for better lnb i found Solid Lnb with 80 db conversion gain. The conversion gain is in the lnb so there is more boost on weak signal...