Advice Needed Try To buy and test Sonic 80 db lnb to Fibo 120

Better lnb than Inverto black ultra single

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Hi all Feedhunters ;)

I have a little problem and i hope that anyone can help me.
I know there are people who want more signal in fringe description
When i google for better lnb i found Solid Lnb with 80 db conversion gain.
The conversion gain is in the lnb so there is more boost on weak signal
I know ther are clones but if you have the good lnb, you dc signal is exellent
and you put all out of the satelite dish.

I try to buy a Solid 80 db from India but it is difficult and there are problems
with payment and shipping etc etc ..

Can anyone help me to get the lnb and the present if you buy also the lnb for
testing you get far more signal then the Inverto black ultra longneck single..

Thx.. Ger :-biglaugh