1. M

    Advice Needed Strange problem with no power to motor

    Hi, having a strange issue with my setup - Technomate TM-2300 Super, driving a Triax 88cm dish. Receiver is a VU Solo 2. Everything was fine until this week when I went to watch something on 28.2, it seemed the dish was pointing somewhere else and was not moving. Checked the motor power LED and...
  2. R

    Superjack dg320

    Hi all, Purchased a superjack dg320 about a month ago and was working well until today. The motor looks new and not used, came in box. Motor looks similar to Alsat superior motor and was interested to buy this and try. I installed the motor with new F connectors and re made the cable...
  3. S

    Good combination for searching feeds

    Hi, I would like to buy a dish, motor, lnb and a receiver for searching for feeds, but I'm in doubt about the best equipment combination for searching feeds. For the dish I'm considering 1m dish in aluminum I was checking the gibertini Serie LN but don't know if its appropriate and good for...
  4. Chr0nik

    Can anybody identify this motor?

    Hi, The motor on the attached picture came with the bundle I picked up on saturday but unfortunately the label is unreadable. It looks like a Jaeger 1224 one but being unable to find what model it is, I'm finding hard to figure out how to align it. Can anybody please identify if possible? Thanks!
  5. Satfaca

    For Sale Orbitron SX-8.5 + Ajak Aimer

    A very rare opportunity ... specially in Europe. Orbitron SX-8.5 (255 cm) micro-mesh Antenna with Ajak Aimer H2H Motor, 18" Jaeger for elevation, Precision C/Ku feedhorn (same as ADL RP3-CKu), CalAmp C-band LNB. Upon wish also Chaparral M140, unfortunately with defective power supply. You...
  6. Z

    Advice Needed Motorised Mystery - Multiple Dreambox 800HDs tried which do not drive various motors with 30m cable

    Hi colleagues, I would be really grateful for any advice on the following problem that has made my satellite viewing experience quite painful over last 4 years. I currently have a Dreambox 800HD PVR with motorised dish set-up (namely, Triax 88cm dish and GeoTrack H-100 DiseqC 1.2 Actuator). My...