1. S

    New receiver advice

    Hi, Long time satellite enthusiast here. I'm looking to upgrade from the EDISION PRIMO to a 4K receiver. Since I 'm not happy with Edision support, I wish to stay away from them. After much reading I think maybe the Octagon SF8008 mini is the best choice. I want: -4K HDR -H265 -DVB-S2X...
  2. S

    Several tv's on unicable system.

    Hi all, Happy New Year! ;-) I have a Unicable setup (it's a Polish Polsat Cyfrowy thing.... equivalent to our Sky). The LBN is Inverto Unicable something like this (Inverto QUDL42 UNI2L), so one uniCable output + 2 legacy. I'm only using the Unicable to my Unicable compatible receiver). Now I...
  3. MCelliotG

    Zeonbud 12188H on 4.8E

    It seems that both streams 10 and 20 on 12188H are now T2-MI, since the channels don't download directly on my receiver as they used to a few days ago! Running 4T2 analyzer shows me this Now, if this is an indication the remaining two streams on 12341H might soon pass on T2-MI as well! Ouch!!!