1. satosk

    Ka band 17.2 -22.2 ghz by peon

    Today is the day when satellite DXing in Europe is entering another uncharted territory. Peon was there when it was necessary to confirm first reception in 18 or 22 GHz band and it is a distinct honor for me to inform you that he is also the first EU explorer of the last Ka frequency band 17.2 -...
  2. P

    Advice Needed Norsat C band LNB Vs Get a bigger dish

    Hi team, a complete noob here, I'm working down here in Latin America for a cable company and they need to have some redundancy with their dish farm, but they don't want to invest in larger dishes because the location is not that big where we can put 12 of 5 meters dishes. So the problem is...
  3. Phoenixx

    Advice Needed Omt signal boosst reception

    Hi all, i have a question about modding the two black ultra lnb to wr 75 and use one polarity with a multiswitch to get better fringe signal to recieve ? Normaly you can use smw or norsat lnb, but with the Smw the conv gain is to low and with the Norsat lnb you get not the max frequention to...