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    BT Sports / ESPN channels.

    O2 are migrating to Sky so i was switching anyway. Great news!
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    African Nations Cup (footy)

    Found this elsewhere: "Gov't owned Ethiopian TV refused to pay $1 million to broadcast African Cup.Because of this decision, Ethiopians will be unable to watch their national team play in South Africa this month. If the gov't allows private ownership of TV stations, Ethiopians would have been...
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    African Nations Cup (footy)

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    RTL to potentially cease Digital Terrestrial Broadcasts in Germany

    I'm sure I read somewhere that the German analogue satellite system meant most people in Germany rarely used terrestrial
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    Italia Card

    Hi also looking into purchasing a Sky Italia card. Could anyone give me any tips on what to look out for? Using OSCAM on my box to read my current UK card and update it in the standard box. Looking at 130822568713 on eBay at the moment.
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    Legacy Kit

    You can never have too many SCART leads!
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    Skybox F3

    Just wondering, does this box have a card slot?
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    After many attempts, the new motorised setup

    Good idea mate! Will do that, thanks.
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    After many attempts, the new motorised setup

    Wasn't happy with the reply "Well if you would have just bought the bungalow then we never would have had this problem"
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    After many attempts, the new motorised setup

    After the house move I knew there was going to be a slight issue setting the dish up. The house was going to be blocking anything after Astra 19E. After putting the Sky dish on the front of the house and wiring that up I convinced myself that I was wrong and put the dish on the back of the house...
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    Italian FTA TivuSat Problem

    It's available on keys but I think you can get a dreambox to read a subscription card with a bit of messing about.
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    Al Jazeera Sports questions

    They definately show every single Champions League game but not sure on basketball. They show NBA but that isn't what you're looking for.
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    Turksat versus Hellasat...

    I managed to pick up Hellas Sat on a 60cm fine but it's a nightmare to find. The squealer meter barely indicated it but Turksat was easier to find.
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    BeIN Sport1 HD 13E

    Yeah, looks like it's latest channel after winning French football rights
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    Can't get German Eurosport on Astra

    All you really need is to put a new LNB on the old dish and that will work fine for digital