1. cielobuio

    Dual LNB ok Astra2/Hotbird - but not for all channels

    Hi, I had a 60cm dish with dual LNB for Astra-2 and Hotbird. I have an Italian Tivusat card in one of my three receivers, which was working fine for both LNBs. We use Hotbird only for Italian TV channels. We use Astra-2 for FreeSat channels only. A while back, some channels disappeared from...
  2. Phoenixx

    Advice Needed Try To buy and test Sonic 80 db lnb to Fibo 120

    Hi all Feedhunters ;) I have a little problem and i hope that anyone can help me. I know there are people who want more signal in fringe description When i google for better lnb i found Solid Lnb with 80 db conversion gain. The conversion gain is in the lnb so there is more boost on weak signal...
  3. 9

    Help Required Thor 5 (0.8°W) and Hot Bird (13° E) single dish

    I have been trying to receive signal from Hot Bird 13° E for two weeks now. My setup: 80 cm dish Foxstar FS-5G-6 FTA Receiver 2x Universal LNB Universal 4 LNB holder I am able to receive signal from Thor 5 but not Hot Bird I am not sure if I have setup the LNB holder correctly as it has two...