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    USB KVM Switch.

    it seems I could do with a kvm switch. I don’t need them for the picture, as the FreeNAS is all done via web interface or command line. It’s my tvheadend/mint Pc and my regular Pc I want to share the mouse and keyboard with. It’s becoming a pain to keep pulling the machines out to plug in a...
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    2 receivers to one TV set up

    I have a single LNB going to a satellite receiver I want to add another receiver I know this wont work with a splitter because one would interfere with the other I don't want to have to change the LNB and run another cable I asked in Maplin if they had a switch instead of a splitter rather than...
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    Help Required Looped receivers lost/bad signal

    Hello. I have a diseq switch sending in a cable from 2 separate dishes: the Hispasat at position A and Hotbird at position B. This setup's been working perfectly for both satellites feeding into 1 receiver - a Technomate 5302HD. I've acquired a couple of other receivers which I want to use...