1. Phoenixx

    3d print satelite hardware

    Hi everybody, Who is interested in studying 3D hardware of reflectors adjustable LNB holders feedhorns, and construction kits for dishes? Thanks to today's technology, this is possible and has many advantages in terms of transport and reception performance.. How nice is it to print your own...
  2. D

    Newbie Here Help buying lnb

    Hello everyone! First topic here, first post, total n00b, so...sorry for the silly question coming your way! I need to change this LNB to be an 8 way one. I understand there are at least a couple of different "brackets", mk3 and mk4. I am not too sure which one would be the right one in my...
  3. U

    Sky q lnb re-purposing

    Having recently dropped Sky, I am left with a Sky Q dish and hybrid/Smart LNB with the 2 Sky outputs going nowhere (no more Q box) and the other 4 outlets still feeding other devices (like a FreeSat TV). The latter works fine, but I'm wondering if there's anything I can do with the Q outputs. I...
  4. S

    SMW Quattro PLL-LNB + OMT

    Professional digital Quattro PLL-LNB (10.70-12.75 GHz) - Swedish Microwave AB. New costs around 800€. Selling for 350€.
  5. B

    Advice Needed Suggested install - help needed!!!

    Hi everyone I'm a newbie to this site so firstly thank you for any/all replies secondly sorry for quite long post, just trying to make sure you guys have all the info you need to help, your help is massively appreciated. I'm seeking advise for a suggested install, we are in the process of...
  6. A

    Help Required No Signal on Freesat Setup

    Hi, I have an LG 43UJ634V, which has an inbuilt FreeSat Tuner. I had a Satellite set up, that is pointed in the correct direction, as it was working for previous tenants, and I have checked the directions using DishPointer. The LNB (not sure if this is correct) goes from the satellite through...
  7. T

    Reception of channels with horizontal polarization works, vertical not

    Hi, I have a new dish pointed corectly toward HELLAS2 (39E) but I can't receive ANY channel sent with vertical polarization. Channels with horizontal polarization works perfectly. The signal strength shows 90% for all channels with horizontal polarization but 0 for all those with vertical...
  8. Phoenixx

    Advice Needed Try To buy and test Sonic 80 db lnb to Fibo 120

    Hi all Feedhunters ;) I have a little problem and i hope that anyone can help me. I know there are people who want more signal in fringe description When i google for better lnb i found Solid Lnb with 80 db conversion gain. The conversion gain is in the lnb so there is more boost on weak signal...
  9. D

    2 receivers to one TV set up

    I have a single LNB going to a satellite receiver I want to add another receiver I know this wont work with a splitter because one would interfere with the other I don't want to have to change the LNB and run another cable I asked in Maplin if they had a switch instead of a splitter rather than...
  10. N

    Advice Needed Replaced LNB, still no signal quality on Box.

    Hi, I hope someone can help me. I had a cira 25 year old Grundig dish, LNB and motor. Now I have replaced the LNB with a cheap SKYSAT make. I have not used the unit for a long time and the motor is now broke (I think). I have tested the cable with a multimeter just to see if there are any breaks...
  11. Trust

    Unknown LNB

    I like to know what brand / type lnb I do have . No name or number outside , only B1370VA at the circuitboard . Its a KU PLL type ( 2 X-tals) with 2 freq bands 13 / 18 v low / high switching With lof 9.75 receiving low band channels with correct freq. at 13 v. The signal disapears by changing...
  12. Phoenixx

    Advice Needed Omt signal boosst reception

    Hi all, i have a question about modding the two black ultra lnb to wr 75 and use one polarity with a multiswitch to get better fringe signal to recieve ? Normaly you can use smw or norsat lnb, but with the Smw the conv gain is to low and with the Norsat lnb you get not the max frequention to...
  13. Phoenixx

    Masterfocus Optimalisation Watch out Signal boost ;)

    Hi everybody The fibo 120 standing here on my balcony, I'm back to try to get more signal. The omt with smw LNB`s still give the best signal strength but with the modified LNB Trust I also have a lot of signal on Nilesat Qatar 72% is still the best result. On Nilesat is indeed now nw active...
  14. Schotelman

    Newbie Here Weird problem with new setup

    Dear all, I'm having a problem with polarisation. I have set up a 65 cm dish pointing at Astra 28.2E with clear line of sight. I'm well within the main spotbeam on the West coast of Holland. All equipment and cabling is new, except the Humax boxes which I bought refurbished directly from Humax...
  15. N

    Toroidal T90 LNB Alignment - Confused

    Hi, I have a T90 fitted with 2x LNBs (19.2 & 28.2) - works fine (well sort of...). 19.2 signal strenth is fine (70-80%) on all transponders. 28.2 on SOME providers such as "Quest", "Santana" are giving me a signal strenth of 80% - BUT some providers such as S*Y etc are showing 25% making them...
  16. Trust

    New Lnb changer

    Today I finished the new Fibo lnb changer for 6 different lnb positions . The old one only could turn 180º and was controlled by a Omron PLC . The new one is controlled by diseqc 1.2 via a Openbox F-500 , just made only 6 channels at different satellites . I noticed that with diseqc 1.2 , the...